Environmental Statement

It’s not just a slogan, Biosynthetic Technologies has been built on delivering true sustainability since the very beginning. To this day, we continue to remain fully dedicated to producing bio-based, non-toxic, renewable, and biodegradable products using the most environmentally friendly methods possible while offering full transparency to those we serve.

Here’s how we do it.

Raw materials

Our products are derived from the castor seed. Castor crops are sustainable from both an environmental and social analysis. This is due to castor being able to utilize farmland unsuitable for competing food crops as well as castor crops having the ability to be harvested multiple times in a single planting.

Manufacturing process

Our primary production facility uses energy produced from wind farms and our boilers utilize spent castor cake that comes from the process of oil crushing.

Material Handling

Our fields, crushing, processing, and shipping locations are integrated into a very small geographical region which minimizes the transportation effects on CO2 use.

Manufacturing Impact

We made the decision to put the environmental impact and carbon footprint of our manufacturing processes through a Life Cycle Analysis that was done by an unaffiliated third party. This analysis was an attempt to quantify a sustainability rating for our products and processes, provide accuracy and transparency to our customers, and identify areas for improvement internally. 

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