Biosynthetic® Technologies’ patented base oils can be used in the manufacturing of sustainable and environmentally acceptable gear oils that are Eco-Label compliant. With superior oxidative and hydrolytic stability, our sustainable base oils deliver superior performance while being eco-friendly. They are also suitable for a wide ISO viscosity range of gear oil applications that provide outstanding lubricity to prevent the wear and tear of the target parts even under high-stress working conditions. Due to the inherent polarity of our estolide base oils, they provide exceptional detergency to assist with keeping metal surfaces clean and smooth.

Biosynthetic® Technologies’ commercial goal is to supply sustainable base oils and additives into the lubricant industry, not finished formulations. However, we do want to help guide our customers through the process of how to successfully use our products. Therefore, we have developed prototype formulations using our estolide products to help display how our products can be used in three different gear oil grade formulations while meeting the performance criteria for ten of the most commonly standardized and rigorous testing protocols.


Sustainable and environmentally acceptablegear oils that are Eco-Label compliant.

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