In skincare, BioEstolidesTM have an excellent sensory profile. They spread easily on the skin with plenty of playtime for application, have ample cushion for a soft gentle feel, and are slippery without feeling tacky or greasy. Our products blend easily with other natural oils, mineral oils, triglycerides, alcohols, and other common ingredients used in the personal care industry. They are also retained on the skin longer than many other natural emollients. BioEstolideTM 30 has an average Dalton size of 455 for skin penetrating emollience while the other BioEstolidesTM are occlusive moisturizers. They can be formulated into most forms of skincare products including oils, creams, lotions, gels, ointments, serums, foams, sprays, balms, waxes, bars, and sticks.

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  • Leave on products for face, body, hands, feet, and lips
  • Body wash
  • Bath bars for skin and hair
  • Leave-on or rinse-off shower products
  • Deodorant
  • Skincare ointments
  • Nail and cuticle treatments

BioEstolidesTM are free of preservatives, silicones, and phthalates.

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