High Performance Renewable Motor Oil

Synthetic motor oil ingredients engineered to outperform most petroleum-based products available on the market. Major motor oil manufacturers call it the Future. The American Petroleum Institute calls it Certified. You'll call it the best high performance crank case oil you've ever used.

Silent Oil Spills

Over 500 million gallons of used motor oil and other lubricant oils are quietly dumped in the world's oceans each year - the equivalent of an oil tanker-sized spill every single week. How do we remedy this? The solution is to start with motor oil that is biodegradable, renewable, nontoxic and recyclable. Welcome to a cleaner world.

New Molecules Engineered for Performance

In collaboration with the USDA, Biosynthetic Technologies has patented a new class of ester molecules that make biobased synthetic motor oils and lubricants a reality. In engine testing, our synthetic oils have proven to make engines run cleaner and last longer. This is where high performance and sustainability converge.

The Dawn of Biosynthetics

Sustainable base oils from Biosynthetic Technologies are engineered from vegetable oils found in crops grown by American farmers - protecting the environment and benefiting the U.S. economy.

About Our Company

We manufacture a revolutionary new class of biobased synthetic oils that are created from organic oils found in plants. These "biosynthetic" oils are used in lubricants, specialty chemicals, and cosmetics.

Technical Data


Our products are all independently tested and pass the highest industry standards.

Environmental Benefits

Until now, protecting the environment AND protecting your engine have been mutually exclusive. Our biosynthetic oils, initially developed by scientists at the USDA, are not only high performing – they're renewable, biodegradable, nontoxic and recyclable.

The 10 largest and most destructive oil spills in the history of the world released just slightly more petroleum into the environment than US drivers do every year just through their routine daily commute. "Houston, we have a problem..." Fortunately, Biosynthetic Technologies has engineered a solution.

Our Partners

We partner with the world's leading energy, technology, engineering, and distribution companies to bring our biosynthetic products to market.


Explore the impact of renewable and sustainable biosynthetic oil products.

New Developments

Pilot Plant Construction Complete

Working with Albemarle®, a leading specialty chemical company, BT is now operating a complete continuous flow demonstration plant in Baton Rouge LA. This demonstration plant validates the manufacturing process for a full scale plant that has been engineered and designed by Jacobs Engineering. Click here for more info.

Biosynthetic Receives 8.5 Piston Deposit Rating

An Estolide formulation containing 35% Biosynthetic base oil just passed a Sequence IIIG piston deposit test in 5w30 motor oil, far surpassing the toughest industry standards for engine cleanliness. Can your base oil do that? Click here for full test results.

Motor Oil Field Trial in Las Vegas Taxis

Biosynthetic Technologies (BT) is running a 100,000 mile motor oil field trial in taxi cabs in Las Vegas. BT's motor oil received high ratings on engine cleanliness, when one of the engines was recently evaluated at the 50,000 mile point. The full test is scheduled to be complete in late 2013, when final analysis will be performed.

Biosynthetic Receives 1.06 Average­­ Cam Wear Rating

An Estolide formulation containing 35% Biosynthetic base oil just passed an API Sequence IVA test that allows Average Cam Wear of up to 90.00 microns. It scored a 1.06, far surpassing the toughest industry standards. Can your base oil do that? Click here for full test results.